Customer Communications Management

Customer Communications Management (CCM) provides organizations with the ability to advance the way they communicate with their customers. Customer Communications Management is not just about making offers to customers, it also provides companies with the opportunity to improve the clarity of their communications, and have complete control over the entire lifecycle of their documents.

Template Authoring

  • Document templates are created
  • Rules are established
  • Data fields are mapped
  • Editing controls are added
  • Microsoft Word is imported for rapid conversion
  • Interactive Editor
  • Document template is selected with customer data
  • Approved paragraphs, images, and graphics are automatically inserted
  • Editable sections are modified using web controls and free form text
  • Template is submitted for approval and delivery



  • PDFs are instantly generated for email, archive and local print
  • Print and mail operations are centralized
  • Content is generated for web presentment to customers


What does CCM include?

  • Data Processing and Conversion
  • Document Composition
  • Interactive Letter Management


Template Authoring

  • Single application for design, composition and production
  • Data integration for personalization and customization
  • Multiple output formats, including print and electronic, to interact with customers via preferred channels
  • Instant electronic proofing for better quality control
  • Graphical User Interface to reduce load on application development resources
  • Broad-based operating system support


Interactive Editor

  • Single web interface for modifying, editing and proofing letter content
  • Modify existing letters in a template-based system
  • Customize marketing or variable messages and images
  • Generate PDFs instantly after modifications are applied
  • Track all versions of the templates
  • Centrally manage all brand assets
  • Share comments and views within the application – streamlining the process



Multi-channel output offers a single source for communications to be delivered to consumers through the channel of choice, enabling financial institutions to enhance customer experience, satisfaction and retention. With a platform ready for almost any channel, business users only have to design communication templates once. Our solution will automatically optimize the templates for print, web and mobile output.


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