Mail Services

mail-servicesFinding opportunities to reduce postage expenses within the United States Postal Service® delivery system requires detailed knowledge and long-term experience. NCP Solutions’ USPS® approved mail facilities have long made sending documents and correspondence cost-effective. Our clients have direct access to tools and services which include:

  • In-House Pre-sorting, ZIP™ Sorting and Commingling Services
  • Address Hygiene
  • Inkjet Addressing
  • Return Mail Processing
  • Onsite USPS Presentation of Mailings


We also offer direct access to the full line of USPS services, including:

  • NCOALink® Service
  • ACS™ Service
  • USPS Certification in Mailpiece Quality Control (MQC)
  • CASS Certified™ and PAVE™ Certified Mailing Software
  • Lockbox Auditing
  • Mail Tracking
  • Change of Address


Because NCP Solutions operates fully approved mail facilities, we maintain control of your mailings until they are accepted onsite by the USPS. In short, our services are designed to assist you by improving deliverability, enhancing cash flow and reducing costs. Put our mail services experience to work for you. Our professionals are ready with solutions to address your mail processing challenges.


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