Multi-Channel Output & Retrieval

Today, consumers expect the convenience of 24/7 access to information. Online account management through PCs, smartphones and tablets has become second nature as consumers control when, where and how they choose to interact.


Recognizing that a statement or bill is often the most frequent point of contact with consumers, NCP Solutions' EDM enables organizations to meet consumers at their point of preference through multi-channel output and online document retrieval.


Leveraging NCP Solutions' Customer Communications Management (CCM) system, output is produced, optimized and delivered through paper and digital channels. With a platform ready for almost any channel, business users only have to design communication templates once; the CCM will optimize the templates for print, web and mobile output.


Long-Term Electronic Document Archive, Retrieval and Presentment


NCP Solutions’ document archive and retrieval solution is based on a powerful and highly-secure electronic document delivery and web presentment solution that enables organizations to effectively index, store, search and retrieve large collections of documents.  Documents to be presented electronically may include statements, bills, notices, letters, tax, compliance and regulatory documents, explanations of benefits and an array of other customer-facing documents.

vault image

Key Features:

  • Secure, Highly available, scalable and redundant
  • Multi-core application and web server architecture
  • Indexing for retrieval - specificity, correctness, completeness, consistency, speed
  • Storage size and terms - teraBytes to petabytes to exabytes; days to months to years
  • File types - PDF and other industry-standard formats


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