Mail Tracking

Mailers of time-sensitive, critical documents often suffer loss of control once these communications enter the mailstream. At NCP Solutions, we offer a suite of mail tracking solutions that enable businesses to effectively monitor the status of mission-critical documents as they progress through the mailstream.


Payment Tracking


Remove the guesswork from your accounts receivable process with Payment Tracking. Our statements and payment books bear postal barcodes that allow the USPS® to track payments once they enter the mailstream. Payment Tracking offers: 

  • Improved cash management
  • Streamlined collection efforts
  • Reduced outbound calls
  • Avoidance of late notices
  • Identification of delays in mailstream
  • Fact-based justification for assessment of late fees


Lockbox Auditing


NCP Solutions makes it easy for companies to better manage lockbox auditing and fully track the progress of payments through the mailstream to the point of posting to the customer account. Our Lockbox Auditing services provide clients with accurate reports on the timeliness and performance of their lockbox service providers. Independent lockbox audits eliminate any bias in the monitoring and reporting of processor performance. This solution empowers you to make fact-based decisions relative to accounts receivable and cash flow management.


Certified Mail


Know with certainty that your letters, envelopes and small packages reached their destination by applying Certified Mail® service to Priority Mail® or First-Class Mail®.Mailers of certified packages receive: 

  • Receipts stamped with the date of the mailing
  • Unique article numbers to verify delivery
  • 24/7 access to delivery information using the USPS Track and Confirm® service


Electronic Return Receipt


Electronic Return Receipt is an economical digital option to traditional Return Receipt service. It provides organizations with legal proof of delivery, including delivery date, digital image of recipient’s signature, actual delivery address and 24/7 Track and Confirm access at Electronic Return Receipt also makes it easier for businesses to meet security and compliance requirements by providing seven-year document archival.


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