E-PresentmentUnderstanding that business requirements may vary from one organization to the next, NCP Solutions offers a modular approach to ePresentment. With a variety of storage and retrieval options available, we’re sure to offer a solution tailored to suit your specific needs.


Registration Options

  • NCP Hosted - Web page collects consumer information required for registration
  • Client Hosted - Client collects consumer registrations and sends file for paper suppression


Presentment Options

  • Portal, NCP Solutions’ customer information system
  • Direct Access via client’s website
  • Transfer of images to client via secure FTP


Information System

  • Client approved Portal User
  • Logs in to Portal
  • Retrieves PDF images of customer documents


Direct Access

  • Consumer signs on to the client website
  • Utilizes single sign on (existing login credentials)
  • PDF image of document presented to user from archive 


Image Transfer

  • Provision of document images to client
  • Method: secure FTP
  • File Formats: PDF and AFP



Put our solution to work for the timely delivery of communications to your customers. Our design team can incorporate hyperlinks, customer-specific data and/or marketing messages to transform your communications into interactive tools. Examples of communications include:

  • Confirmation of a customer’s registration
  • Notification to customer that statement is ready to be viewed online
  • Acknowledgement of updates made to a customer’s profile


For more information on ePresentment, please contact sales@ncpsolutions.com.